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Environmental Testing & Home Inspections

It is your responsibility to be an informed home buyer/seller.  You should always be sure the house you purchase or sell is satisfactory.  A careful examination of your home/potential new home is crucial and could result in monetary savings.  A home inspection should always be arranged before the purchase or sale of any home. 

A Home Inspector is trained to be a detective in regard to the construction and working parts of buildings.

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Our services include:
Residential and Commercial Building Inspections - Click - Why Use Us?
Septic Dye & Waterflow Testing
Mold - Air & Swab Testing -  Click - Why test for Mold?
Water - Complete Water Analysis -  Click - Why test Water?
Radon - Click - Why test for Radon?
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Ed Lampl
ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) # 246381 
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CMI (Certified Mold Inspector) & CMA (Certified Mold Assessor) #2033
CIAQT (Certified Indoor Air Quality Technician) # 2033
Pennsylvania Radon Certification # 2569
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania    

Why do I need a Home Inspection?
Home Inspections for home buyers:

Buying a house can be stressful
and requires countless important decisions.

Click to learn about Mold & Moisture
Click - Government (HUD) MANDATORY Release for Mold and Radon Gas 


Home Inspections for home sellers:

By getting a Home Inspection before putting your house on the market you can get a better understanding of the condition of your home before putting up the for sale sign.This will make the selling process easier.
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Radon - U.S. Surgeon General's warning  -  Click for video